with love from a planet


“with love from a planet” (2009 Fulldesign Record)
¥2,500 (+tax)

1. with love from a planet
2. insects have a dream of electric ship
3. space on the corner
4. yellow slime
5. camapa
6. crunshy jet propulsion
7. i got root A

辰巳”小五郎”光英 (trumpet,theremin,gadgets)
不破大輔 (electric bass 渋さ知らズ,フェダイン)
Jimanica (drums dvd,de de mouse他)

大西英雄 (drums 仙波清彦カルガモーズ,monoral zombie他)
関根真理 (percussions 渋さ知らズ、Orquesta Nudge!Nudge他)


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