トランペット/テルミン/ガジェットギターを操る辰巳光英、そして不破大輔のベースとJimanicaのドラムによる、ミニマルと即興が織りなす無重力トリオ、the Space Baa。その真価はライブにあり、2007年頃から定期/不定期に東京を中心に行うライブには定評あり。2009年のファーストアルバム””with love from a planet発表。2013年にGAMAROCK’13に出演。 宇宙の彼方へ果てしなく放たれるビーム光線トランペットと縦横無尽のリズム隊が、トリオとは思えないグルーヴと圧力でフロアを無重力空間に変える!


The Space Baa is an avant grade trio with Mitsuhide Tatsumi (trumpet, theremin and other), Daisuke Fuwa (bass and traveled with Shibusahirazu Orchestra), and Jimanica (drums). Most known for their live performances, they’ve been performing live since 2007 typically around Tokyo.

In 2009, their first album, “With Love from a Planet”, was released. They performed at GAMAROCK 2013 and 2015, and toured throughout Okinawa in 2015. In 2016, their second album, “Spaced Out” was released.

The Space Baa continues to evolve and develop their sound with a cosmic twist. The spacey trumpet sounds and endless rhythm creates a feeling of zero gravity. The music sounds like it was create by much more than a trio. Additionally, they have collaborated with Kenichi Aoyama for lighting, YUMELIGHT for performances, and contemporary dancer Jun Wakabayashi to flesh out their performances beyond sound.

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